Open Mic Artists


Open Mic Artists is a unique music publishing platform that is Free to use and has no limits on music uploads, ever. With no upload charges and dedicated to unsigned Musicians the music is free to speak for itself.

The cost to the artist: FREE! Just keep creating great music, Upload your music to the OMA Network and we share your music everywhere. Artists can showcase their talents to new fans and select record labels. In return you get more fans through the Open Mic Artists global network and the opportunity to sell your music directly from the OMA Platform.

The OMA Network provides an all inclusive service for selling your songs


What we ask of Music Lovers

All Songs are free to listen to on the OMA network and can be purchased through both the Open Mic Artists Platform and our top sellers are also available via the major digital stores.

What we ask of You, the Artists.

That you carry on creating great original music, upload your songs and share the Open Mic Artists link with your network of followers.

One of the hardest things in the world for a new artist is to get there music heard.

Open Mic Artists goal is to find as many successful artists as possible and open the doors to there success.
No upfront costs to the Artist Ever, Get promoted, Reach a global fan base, Earn money on good tracks, Have analytical and sales data sent to industry decision makers.

Highlighted on Open Mic Artists, Played on our podcasts and showcased to radio, marketing companies and all importantly - Major record labels.
All Music uploads, calendar entries and news are shared across the OMA Social Network to promote your music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Etc .

Open Mic Artists helps make this all possible.