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Can you recognize some as talented even if you don’t like the genre of music?

Open Mic Controller | 16th May 2018

I’m curious and sorry if it doesn’t fit here but feel free to delete it.

I’m gonna use Eminem as an example. I have had discussion about his work and people dismiss him automatically because “they don’t like rap”. But even if you don’t like rap cannot we still acknowledge his talents. Music is about conveying and story or message. Giving something to the audience to latch onto and relate to amongst the chaos of life.

“Eminem can rhyme in any style, whether it be internal rhymes, multi syllable rhymes, complex rhyme schemes, slant rhymes, etc… He can also go ballistic with punchlines, wordplay, and extended metaphors. Also add the fact that he can do vivid story telling. And then there’s his vocal range where he can do impersonations to add to the characters he portrays in his songs and how he can make his voice sound soft, loud & aggressive, accents, more nasally, or more serious to where he’s flowing cautiously over a beat. He’s got the lyrical stamina and lung capacity to come at you with rapid fire flows as well.”

Can you acknowledge this to be true without loving rap??

Can you appreciate a country singers ballad as a strong piece of music, while still hating cowboys??

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