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Is a degree in music worth it?

Open Mic Controller | 13th August 2018

With soaring tuition costs in the UK (universities are now able to charge a maximum of £9250 per year in England) the decisions about further education are becoming more important than ever, especially in the music industry. As with most degrees, there is no certainty of a regular income after […]

How get gigs - TipsMusic News

Getting well paid gigs

Open Mic Controller | 5th July 2018

Becoming a full-time professional musician is not an easy task. It requires you to establish regular (and usually diverse) sources of income in order to make enough money, not just to live, but to be able to live comfortably. For most professional musicians, performing live will often be their main […]

How get gigs - TipsMusic News

Taking instruments abroad

Open Mic Controller | 15th May 2018

Losing luggage, or perhaps worse, having your luggage damaged is a nightmare for musicians. The gap between handing luggage in to be stowed away in the aeroplane’s hold and receiving it (hopefully) after landing can be a nail biting affair, not helped by horror stories of much loved instruments being […]

How get gigs - TipsMusic News

What’s popular? – Jazz trios

Open Mic Controller | 15th May 2018

A long established act on the function scene, jazz trios are always in demand. They have a natural ability to create a sophisticated atmosphere at any event, with the added bonus of providing the opportunity for improvisation and the development of each performers musicality. What is a jazz trio? Jazz […]

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