Discover Open Mic Artists

What Makes Us Different

Open Mic Artists is a unique platform that combines social media and analytic Data to promote and showcase new musical talent.
Probably the hardest thing in the world for a new music artist or group is to get there music heard.

Open Mic Artists helps make this possible.

Free to use and with no limits on uploads, artists can showcase their talents to new fans and labels.

Open Mic Artists are dedicated to unsigned talent, the music is free to speak for itself without being buried by the big names in the industry.

Comparison to our Competitors

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We Support your Music Career

Each song gets the relevant ISRC music codes imbedded to allow artists to generate income should the song/Tracked be played on air or used in marketing. This is tracked by the PPL and funds sent back to Open Mic Artists and then passed on to the artists.

Simply upload and share on OPEN MIC ARTISTS.

Performing live? Share the date time and location with the Open Mic Artists network on the calendar to allow everyone to see.

All Music uploads, calendar entries and news are automatically shared across Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

What we ask.

All we ask is that you carry on creating great original music, upload your songs and albums, share the Open Mic Artists link with your network of followers. (We need them as they provide the data. )
Include our logo and name on all artwork and promotional material so people know where to find you and listen to your material.

Sell your Music Directly

The cost to the artist:

Nothing, Nada, Free, Just Create Great Music. Upload and share the Open Mic Artists Link everywhere.

In return you get more fans through the Open Mic Artists global network and the opportunity to sell music.
Open Mic Artists provides an all inclusive service for selling your songs.
Songs remain free to listen to on Open Mic Artists. But can be purchased through the major digital stores.

We use the data gathered by listens to determine which songs get pushed to retail.
Highlighted on Open Mic Artists, showcased to radio and our podcasts, marketing companies and all importantly. Major record labels.

Data is shared with artist management and labels showing the number of listens, locations and demographic of fans along with music samples. Allowing industry leaders to get an accurate picture of how your performing and who likes you. The more followers and listens the data we have to promote you.