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No Regrets: Quinn Henry Mulligan’s ‘Older’ And Wiser (While Having Fun) With Latest Release

Open Mic Controller | 8th May 2019

The music video for ‘Older’, by Portland singer songwriter Quinn Henry Mulligan, is a bit trippy, to say the least.

It opens with Mulligan sitting in an office cubicle, listening to a disembodied voice, which says,

Overcoming workplace anxiety:

Step 1: Breath Heavily, and inconsistently, forcing a heart palpitation.
Step 2: Check pulse for heart palpitation.

If none appears, continue breathing heavily and inconsistently until you force one yourself, validating your paranoia.

Presumably, because he’s induced some heart palpitations, we next see Quinn leaving work and going home, where he’s met by a green skinned, blonde-bewigged, winged lycra and feather boa clad being: angel, demon or alien – we’re not sure, but Henry doesn’t seem at all perturbed, and goes off with the phantasm, who entreats him to take “a breath, and get out of your head for a while”. The pair chug beers at the pub, throw knives, and generally have a great time together, just chilling, and forgetting any associations with age and ageing.

Mulligan’s vocals are exquisite, calling to mind the rock and roll crooning of the likes of Elvis, Bowie, and The Flaming Lips among others. It’s a fun video, directed by his twin brother Finley, who also suggested that Quinn, while the pair were having drunken chats on the porch, should write, record, and release an album a month for a year. ‘Older’ is the standout track on the fifth album for the year, the appropriately named, ‘May’.

Check out Quinn Henry Mulligan on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ‘Older’ is available on Spotify.


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