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Publish Your Music Instructions




Publish Your Music to the site

To Publish your Music there are few things that you need to do.

First add the title of the Single or Album, this will act as your Music Release page header.
Now add a short piece on your Single or Album, remember to make this interesting, something that will tell followers about your Music. We recommend a small piece on each track for Albums

Now you can leave the background as our default or upload your own Background Images or if you like you can even add a video background by linking to your YouTube channel. (please note, Video backgrounds can slow down the loading of your artists page)

Now you can add the Genres of your Song or Album, you can choose up to 4 Genres plus if the Song or Album contains lyrics that might be inappropriate for younger listeners you must also choose "Over 18" as well.

Now set the Featured Image as the Single or Album Cover image (650 x 650 recommended but should be square)
Then Choose your Artists Name from the drop down menu, you can type the first letters to locate your name.
Then Add a Label, the Release Date and either a Catalogue Number or your ISRC Number.

Now you can add your Music Tracks, You can either Drag and Drop or click Choose File
Then add the Title for that Track and your Artists Name.
You just Click the Green + in the small circle to add more tracks.

Then you can either save it as a draft for later or Click Publish to Publish your Single or Album.

Publish You Music for Sale

First Choose Single or Album.

Then add Today's Date.

Then add the Single or Album Title. (Please make sure it's the same title as above)

Then Upload the Single or Album Cover Artwork.

Now if you collaborated on the song please add any additional Authors here.
Then Confirm you are either the copyright holder or have the consent of the copyright holder.

Then Add a Short Description. Remember this goes on your shop page so you might want it slightly different than the Site Description especially if it's an album and you want them to buy the whole album not just singles.

Then Add the Total Recording time for either A Single or the Album.
Then Choose the same 4 Genres you chose above and add 3 hashtags for social media purposes.

Then check if you have an ISRC Number and agree to the distribution Contract.
Then Click Submit and your all Done.

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