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How get gigs – Tips

best practiceHow get gigs - Tips

Joining a live music agency

Open Mic Controller | 20th November 2018

Many would give their right arm to perform music for a living and joining an agency is a good way for bands and musicians to start getting more gigs, with bigger clients. This will also allow them to increase the fee they charge per performance.
It is a live music agency’s job to provide entertainment for any event. From a small private dinner party to corporate product launch events with thousands of guests, nothing is too small or too large.
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best practiceHow get gigs - Tips

Is a degree in music worth it?

Open Mic Controller | 13th August 2018

With soaring tuition costs in the UK (universities are now able to charge a maximum of £9250 per year in England) the decisions about further education are becoming more important than ever, especially in the music industry. As with most degrees, there is no certainty of a regular income after […]

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How to get Christmas gigs

Open Mic Controller | 4th May 2018

For musicians, Christmas can be a particularly busy season. From playing in bands at holiday parks, being booked for festive parties, performing in pantomimes or even entertaining the public whilst they go about their Christmas shopping, a talented musician should be able to make the most of any opportunities they come across. For new musicians, […] The post How to get Christmas gigs appeared first on How To Get Gigs.

How get gigs - TipsMusic NewsNews

Google + for musicians

Open Mic Controller | 4th April 2018

Though nowhere near as popular as other social networking sites, Google’s own social network, Google +, offers some opportunities for musicians to interact with new and existing fans. Google + users can create various circles including friends, acquaintances and business partners. Musicians can also add a profile for their music. It’s quick and easy to […] The post Google + for musicians appeared first on How To Get Gigs.

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